satsuma porcelain figure
satsuma porcelain figure
satsuma porcelain figure
satsuma porcelain figure

10. Satsuma Porcelain Figure


A very fine late 19th century or early 20th century Satsuma porcelain female figure - probably a Geisha. Well sculptured and quite heavy.

The figure is hand painted and decorated in enamel with fine detailing over the entire figure and lots of gilding over much of the kimono. The face has excellent detail and depth. She looks very lovely and serene from every angle. Indeed, the figure epitomizes the beauty of Japanese women. Marks on underside. A fine example of Japanese Satsuma porcelain for sale.

Condition: Very good. Toes of the left foot missing and what looks like a professional repair to the back of the neck which is only visible from behind. No other damage.

Dimensions: 31cm tall.

Provenance: Ex. Private collection, Hampshire, UK.


Kutani ware

Kutani ware, Japanese porcelain made in Kaga province (now in Ishikawa prefecture). The name “Old Kutani” refers to porcelain decorated with heavily applied overglaze enamels and produced in the Kaga mountain village of Kutani. The powerful Maeda family had established a kiln there by 1656.

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