roman oil lamp
roman oil lamp
roman oil lamp

67. Roman Oil Lamp


A rare green glazed Roman oil lamp. Circa. 4th - 5th Century A.D.

Glazed ceramics arrive late in the Roman world and don't reappear again until the Medieval. Roman glazed lamps like this are very unusual.

Condition: Very good.

Dimensions: 11cm x 7cm.

Provenance: Ex. private collection, UK. *Old collection number on base.


Roman Oil Lamps

Roman oil lamps were made from fired clay, but are also found in bronze and even iron. However, it was the clay lamps, cheap to produce, that became the mainstay of everyday lighting in the Roman world. They were made using a two-part mould. Wet clay was pressed into each half of the mould and the two halves joined together. They were removed from their moulds while still soft, and the oil-hole and wick-holes pierced by hand. Finally, the lamp was fired in a kiln.

Roman oil lamps are one of the most diverse and popular antiquities for sale to collectors.

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