romano-british storage vessel
romano-british storage vessel

58. Romano-British Storage Vessel (rim/body sherd)

C. 4th Century A.D.

Lots of you who collect Romano-British pottery ask me if I have part vessels for sale? Complete Romano-British vessels are hard to find, so part vessels are very collectable.

So here is a half rim and part body sherd from a large Romano-British storage vessel dating to the 4th Century A.D. “Metallic” burnished greyware with mica inclusions. Incised concentric lines to vessel shoulder.

Condition: Formed from two rejoined parts.

Dimensions: 20.5cms!

Provenance: Ex. Chris Belton collection, UK. Found in Sussex.


Romano-British Grey Wares

Grey wares were predominant from the late 1st to 4th centuries AD and make up 80% of all Roman pottery found in Britain. Coarse wares, for cooking or food preparation or storage, are the most common wares on most sites. They were fired to a high temperature and used to boil water, as plates, lids, cups, cauldrons and frying pans.

In most cases these vessels came from local sources, but some coarse wares (such as the Black Burnished wares) were transported over long distances. It is not always easy to distinguish grey wares from Black-Burnished wares, which were produced from numerous local sources. Regional styles can be discerned, but considerable “cross-fertilisation” of ideas occurred. Fabrics are sandy or fine, occasionally with reduced slip.

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