roman bronze bracelet
roman bronze bracelet
roman bronze bracelet

34. Roman Bronze 'Rabbits' Heads Bracelet

C. 1st - 3rd Century A.D.

A fine Roman bronze bracelet with 'rabbits' heads terminals. 1st - 3rd Century A.D. Rare.

Look closely at the photographs and you can see that the ends of the terminals were 'tinned' (dipped in silver). This would have made this bracelet rather unusual and enhanced its appearance and value.

Condition: Fine. No damage. Small areas of verdigris.

Dimensions: Dia: 54mm.

Provenance: Ex. private collection, UK, formed during the early 20th century. Purchased at UK auction. *From the same old UK collection as items 48 and 103.

*Overseas buyers* this item may require a UK export license. This process incurs no additional cost to the buyer. Please contact me before purchasing, so that I can advise you of the export/import requirements, timescales and shipping that will apply.


Roman Bracelets

Roman bracelets are some of the most collectable antiquities for sale. Roman men, women and children of all social classes wore bracelets to decorate their wrists and also their arms (armlets). They were made in a variety of materials; particularly copper-alloy (bronze), glass, silver, gold and in Britain shale (manufactured in Yorkshire and Dorset).

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