bronze age bracelet
bronze age bracelet
bronze age bracelet

26. Bronze Age Coiled Bracelet

'C. 1200-800 B.C.'

A late Bronze Age bracelet, C. 1200-800 BC. Made from coiled bronze rod with overlapping tapered ends. Dark green patina.

Bronze Age bracelets were worn constantly on the wrists and around the arms of both men and women. They were used as a status symbol as well as to identify the wearer.

Condition: Good and consistent with age.

Dimensions: Dia. 5cm approx.

Provenance: UK private collection; previously the property of a Wiltshire collector.


European Bronze Age

The European Bronze Age is characterized by bronze artifacts and the use of bronze implements. The Bronze Age succeeded the Neolithic. It starts with the Aegean Bronze Age in 3200 BC and spans the entire 2nd millennium BC lasting until as late as 600 BC.

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