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Wonderful fine glass with a golden iridescence. Roman Empire, c. 1 - 4th century AD. Spiral glass thread encircling body and frequently found on vessels from the eastern Mediterranean. Professionally restored. Unfortunately 3 small sections of glass are missing; one at the base of the neck (12 mm x 5 mm) and two on the body (15 mm x 10 mm) and (4 mm x 2 mm). There is an iridescent piece inside that can be used to repair. Alternatively you can use acrylic. So if anyone with skilled hands would like to complete the jigsaw, be my guest! A beautiful piece all the same.

Condition: Expertly restored as descrbed.

Dimensions: Height: 125 mm. Width: 77 mm.

Provenance: Ex. Bonhams UK. Part of a collection reputedly aquired in Smyrna in 1911. Smyrna was an ancient city located at a central and strategic point on the Aegean coast of Anatolia. The ancient city is located at two sites within modern Izmir, Turkey.

Price: SOLD

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