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The ballista was a weapon developed from earlier Greek weapons and used extensively by the Romans.

The Roman army was a formidable fighting machine. The Romans adopted the torsion type artillery invented by the ancient Greeks. These were catapults powered by highly tensioned and twisted rope springs. The variety of weapons included hand thrown (slingshots), hand drawn longbows, mechanical crossbows (arcuballistae), and winched bolt-shooting and stone-throwing catapults.

The Scorpion bolt-shooter was the standard legionary catapult at the time of the Roman invasion of Britain. Roman iron weapons do not survive particularly well, even in alkaline soil, so preserved examples such as this arrowhead are quite rare Roman antiquities for sale.

Condition: Very good. Stable metal.

Dimensions: Length 8.5 cms.

Provenance: Ex. private collection, UK; acquired at UK auction.


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