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A fine and good-sized solid cast bronze standing figure of the god Osiris. Mummiform, wearing Atef crown with uraeus and false beard, arms folded across chest, hands holding a crook and flail. Egypt, Late Period, c. 664 - 332 BC. Mounted on a hardwood base with an old sale label attached.

Osiris (Asir) was the first son of Geb and Nut and the brother of Set, Horus, Isis and Nephthys. He was one of the most prominent gods and considered to be the king of the underworld, the only deity who is referred to as "god". This shows his prominence and popularity.

The oldest religious texts refer to him as the great god of the dead, who once possessed human form and lived upon earth. After his murder by Set he became the king of the underworld and presided over the judgment of dead souls.

Osiris was also a god of agriculture,which may seem strange as he was dead. However, it makes sense if you consider the death and rebirth inherent in the agricultural cycle of planting and harvesting grain. Every harvest, the god was symbolically killed and his body broken on the threshing room floor, but after the nile floods, life would return to the land and crops would grow again.

These eqyptian antiquities are some of the most attractive and collectable available. This is particularly well-rendered example.

Condition: Rich verdigris patina, finely modelled, with excellent detail. No damage. A fine example.

Dimensions: Height 112mm; 143mm with base.

Provenance: Ex. UK private collection.


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